“Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Dr. Seuss



I usually do not post personal pictures on this blog, but for mothers day I thought I had to... Me and my wonderful kids! Well, getting back to business, if you are going to "suggest" a gift to your husband here is a list of a few you can pick from. I am not suggesting flowers, chocolate or chocolate strawberries, cards or jewelry, as I am trying to be a little more  creative. Although of course, we all like those too! Some are very expensive but other are free! Nowadays everyone is trying to keep cost low and in truth what really matter to us is to feel loved. So maybe all your kids or husband can do is do stuff for you like you do for them the rest of the year... Whatever you do or get, just be happy and that IS possible if you chose to be happy without carrying a mother flag for that one day! Remember this is not a day to get things done! Take the day to enjoy yourself!

  • A gift basket like above (a gardener's basket, fruit basket, baking, spa, wine and cheese, magazines/books, green mom, picture frames, essences, scrapbooking, etc)
  • No cooking, doing laundry or chores on Sunday or the whole weekend.
  • Breakfast in bed, take out for lunch (unless you like crowds) and eating out for dinner.
  • A massage or facial or both! 
  • Gift certificates from your favorite stores.
  • Hubby going away with the kids the whole day while you relax doing whatever you like (in the jacuzzi, reading, chilling with a glass of wine, gardening, shopping, photographing, painting, or all the above!)
  • A jewelery box like the one above (I LOVE this one! If you have the box, you need to fill it up!)
  • A new bicycle, new running shoes, Yoga accessories or whatever your favorite sport is.
  • A camera or camcorder.
  • A key chain like above
  • A retreat trip (nature, spiritual, Yoga)
  • Anything personalized, like the suncatcher bellow.
  • Dinner for two!
  • Hubby taking your car to be serviced for an oil change, tire rotation and detailed car wash. Say goodbye to the cheerios that manage to survive under car seats!
  • A hot air balloon ride or tandem skydiving! Oh yeah!

  • An Apple iPad. If hold it, you want it!
  • An outing to the zoo, the park or a town nearby you like to go for the day or weekend.
  • Fair Trade, Sustainable Wage, Handmade African Baskets like the one bellow.
  •  A car!!! Why not? Don't you deserve it? ;-)

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