“Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Dr. Seuss




  • Always shower with the coldest water you can handle. If it's Summer try cold or almost cold. You will be amazed how shinier your hair will be and how firmer your skin will get! Not to say you will feel more energetic! Cold water stimulates collagen and elastin production. What makes our skin lose elasticity is the slowing down on the production of these fiber, so tough up and get cold!
  • Still dry, dull hair? Apply a mixture of pure olive or almond oil throughout you hair and scalp and sleep on it with a shower cap. Next morning, wash it and see its shine!
  • The skin around your eyes is the thinnest in the body, you probably know. What's next? Your neck! Almost as thin as your eyes. So when you apply your facial products go down to your neck up to your chest. That includes your sunblock! You can now delay that pleaded chicken neck!
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Your skin is made up off 14 layers. The top layer is dead and always shading while the ones bellow keep moving up to the surface while new cells are produced underneath. A newborn's skin is completely renewed every 24 hours, that is why it is SO smooth. Ours? Hum... about 1 day per year... so mine about 40 days, since I turn 40 in about a month! So exfoliation is the best way to remove the top layer, made up of dead cells to uncover the softer skin underneath. Now, most people make the mistake to use way too much friction when exfoliating. DON'T! Let the grains gently exfoliates the skin. Too much friction will "hurt" the newer skin and may cause more harm then good. (If you look in a microscope, over exfoliated skin looks rather rough, not smooth!). So, be gentle! If you break out after exfoliating, you are using too much pressure! The grains also have to be tiny like table sugar, not too course. Try my sugar scrub! The citric acid from the lemon in it, dissolve the "cement" that hold the cells together, the sugar than scrub the dead cells away!
  • Your body is your temple, YOU decide what you bring inside it. Be good and relax sometimes... that's not the same as relaxing and being good every once in a while!
  • The best way to get in a better shape is to start exercising if your are not or increasing your routine if you already do something. Length is more important then intensity. At least 25 minutes (30 to 45 is best). Your metabolism will kick only after 20 minutes and will keep higher for 36 hours. Set a doable goal. Trust me, starting is the only difficult part, after you start... you won't be able to stop! Try Yoga! No other exercise eliminates more toxins then that!
  • Drink a gallon of water a day! Okay... as much as you can. Eliminate those toxins!
  • No time for make up? Keep a mascara and lipstick in your purse. It's like magic!
  • Buy clothes the size you are, not the size you used to be or want to be. When people see you they don't know if the pants you wear are size 2 or 20 but they do notice if they are squeezing you not fitting you. Your clothes have to fit you not you fit your clothes!
  • Accessorize woman! Is a beautiful house with no decoration really beautiful? Just a simple necklace, earrings, a belt or a scarf, or even a nice watch will add some charm tpo your figure!
  • Dress up or wear hills sometimes... even our posture improves! And you won't look so awkward on hills if you have to attend a wedding!
  • Feel proud of your age at all ages! Not ashamed or sorry! If you feel sorry for you all the time, no one else will! People will think you are annoying!
  • Laugh everyday! Smile to strangers and see what you get back! Once I knew a person who said her mom taught her from a young age not to have too much facial expression because she would get expression wrinkles!!! How did she look? She was beautiful, still wrinkled, but looked very dull and sad...
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