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Am I the only one with iguana skin this winter? If housework, weather, hard water or all of the above have made your hands rough and dry here is the best remedy! So easy and affordable!

I cannot give you quantities because I have been doing this scrub for many years and I go by texture, not amounts. Pour some olive oil in a clean and dry glass jar, add about a quarter that amount of honey and a quarter of lime or lemon juice. Thicken the mixture with brown or white sugar. You can add a few drops of you favorite essential oil but that's not necessary. Scrub your hands very gently letting the sugar grains and citric acid do the exfoliation, pressing too much will do more harm then good. Scrub until sugar dissolves. Rinse with cold water. Remember the hot water is one of the causes of dry skin! Close the container and leave by your kitchen sink.

There are many ways you can use sugar besides to sweeten! But do not substitute  salt  for sugar though. Salt is drying to the skin, sugar is  very healing. Use the best ingredients. Organic is always better and olive oil should be cold pressed extra virgin! I love to use this scrub for my feet and knees too!

In a hurry? OK! squeeze half a lemon or lime straight onto the palms of your hands, pour a couple tbsp of sugar and a tbsp of olive oil. Scrub, scrub, rinse! Soft hands at last!
Make sure you rinse very well before sun exposure. Lime/lemon and sun do not go well together!

You tried and loved it? Try to make a big jar and keep it in your shower for a whole body scrub! Great to avoid ingrown hair after shaving or waxing.

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