“Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Dr. Seuss


Back to School for kids, back to business for moms!

It has been a long time since my last post! Since then, I have dedicated two Summers to enjoying my kids while they still like me. And  in between the two Summers , I have dedicated a lot of my otherwise free time, to volunteering. I have not found the time to write or do so many other things I would love to to!

Tomorrow my kids go back to school and a new life begins for all of us. I will  make more time to write and do those things, like unfinished baby albums...before my kids go to college!

Tomorrow, my six year old son starts 1st grade at public school! He is coming from a small but fabulous Montessori school where he was since he was 18 months. He will most probably always be the youngest in his class, at least here in Texas! His birthday is July 22nd and the cut of date here is August 31st. Even though we were strongly recommended to hold him back, like most Texans do, we found our son is not only academically prepared, but mature enough to start first grade. It is not going to be easy, but we will help him believe in himself! He is not alone!

His teacher has asked us, parents, to write to our kids a (short) letter for his first day of first grade! Well, as usual, I had a hard time keeping my thought short!! Here it is:
Dear Nicholas,

         I still remember the day you were born! Your dad put balloons all over the house to welcome you into your brand new life! When you survived Kawasaki at only three months I knew you were a very, very strong boy! Our little miracle! And you have proved you ARE!
         Six years and one month, exactly, have passed and now you are starting “BIG” school! We are so proud of the young boy you have become!
         Today a new life begins for you and you will go to school for many years to come! Smile, relax, observe! Don’t be afraid to discover! You will make new friends, learn new things and play new sports! Enjoy! Ask for help when you need to. Remember, everyone is learning, everyday!

         Listen to your teacher!!!
         Be respectful to ALL the people and the environment around you! Be honest. If you feel confused about what to do: first listen to your heart, then follow it!

         And last but not least: LAUGH! Life is good. Have fun!

         With ALL the Love,
                                     Mom and Dad

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