“Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Dr. Seuss



One of the times I wished kids came with owner's manual was when I started night time potty training! As with any other unexpected event, it always happens at the wrong place, at the wrong time! Have you noticed that every time you are running late, bowls of cereal decide to fly of the table, poops decide to go out for swim and kids clothes decide to take a apple juice shower?
So, if sometimes your child wets the bed  just before waking up, it will certainly be on days you missed the alarm and you are going to be out the whole day. So, even if you have time to wash the sheets before you leave the house, most probably you will not have time (or remember) to dry the sheets until you get in the bedroom at bedtime to realize your child's bed has no sheets!

If you ave a baby, you are not in that stage yet. Most probably though, you are awaken by a screaming baby at least once a week because of a poop leaks that love 2 am!
After ten extra gray hairs, I found out that the easiest solution for cribs  was to top the crib mattress with the "ultimate crib sheet" which has snap button ties that you secure on the rails; or you can use double sheet with a waterproof crib mattress cover in between. That makes your life a lot easier, so your baby can go right back into bed without having to wait for you to remove bumpers and all to have his sheets changed!
For big kids beds I start by dressing the mattress with an inexpensive simple fitted vinyl cover. On top of that I put a waterproof mattress pad, not fitted but the one that only covers about two thirds of the length of the mattress. They are easier to put on and remove, and 95% of the time provide enough coverage. The other 5%... the fitted vinyl mattress cover will protect the mattress. Then I use a fitted sheet (on that one you can use these clips/holders to avoid the sheet from sliding out of the mattress), then a second  mattress pad and yet a second fitted sheet on top. More often then not, when bedwetting occurs, only the bottom sheet gets wet, saving me from washing the top sheet and blanket. All I have to do is to remove the first fitted sheet and mattress pad! Underneath the mess in a clean and dry bed already done!

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