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According to the groundhog we have only 3 more weeks of winter! And the new trend will be mini skirts! Are your legs ready for summer?
There are many reasons you should switch from shaving. Waxing leaves your skin smoother because it removes the hair from the root, so it also lasts A LOT longer. You can do it at any time, while your baby is napping or after the kids went to bed. Doing it yourself it costs virtually nothing. As with anything else it will get easier as you practice. With my sugar wax recipe, cleaning could not be easier, and the sugar healing properties will leave your skin even smoother!

For the removal of the wax, you can choose to reuse and recycle by using an old cotton T-shirt cut strips, or you can cut unbleached muslin. Or you can buy pre cut paper fabric strips or rolls at your local beauty supply store (I do!). For most of your waxing you will need 3" x 8" strips. I like to cut a few of those into small 1 to 1,5'x3" small strips I use for my Brazilian wax or lips. For beginners I would recommend you start doing only your legs, as you get better and faster at it, you can do your underarms and lastly your bikini area. Please note, my Brazilian Wax recipe is not recommended for eyebrows, you can use for your lips, but make sure you hold your skin taut. 

If using my sugar wax recipe you can heat up the wax in the microwave or on a double boiler. Time will vary according to amount of wax and microwave potency. After wax melts let it sit for 3 minutes and test the temperature on your wrist first. You may have to heat up the wax again if you are waxing a large area. If you are using a store bought wax, follow the manufacture's directions.

The waxing technique is simple: 
You  need: wax, strips and after waxing cream.
  1. After cleansing skin, dry and apply powder on the area you are going to wax. If you sweat, dry and reapply powder. This will minimize skin irritation and helps  with wax application.
  2. Using a disposable Popsicle or craft stick apply a thin layer of wax on the direction of hair growth (from root to ends).
  3. Cover with cotton or paper strip, leaving about an inch where you can grab it and apply a little pressure.
  4. Hold the skin taut with you weakest hand, right bellow where you grab the strip and grad the strip with the other (the right for right-handed).
  5. Wait a few seconds and pull as fast as you can against  hair growth and maintaining your hand as close to your skin as possible. (Not pulling up, but parallel to the skin). Tip for a painless pull? The trick is to pull as you exhale, because when you breath out your pores open! So breath in, and exhale/ pull!
  6. Applying pressure immediately on the spot where you just removed the hair will also ease any discomfort. This tricks our brain into sending a message of pain!
  7. The strips can be used a few times. Throw them away if using paper strips. If using fabric you can soak them in warm water for 30 minutes, drain and wash.
  8. When using sugar wax, to remove any excess wax from your skin and work area all you need is water! If you are using store bought follow direction. Most are hard to remove and are fat soluble, thus you will need oil to remove wax and you cannot reuse strips.
  9. Always apply a soothing after wax cream, bought at your local beauty store. They have antiseptic and soothing properties. Alternatively you can use drops of Tea Tree Oil on an Almond Oil base.
For extra beautiful legs and to avoid ingrown hair exfoliate at least twice a week with sugar scrub between treatments (after waxing wait 24 hrs to exfoliate).

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  1. I'm 15. And VERY hairy I have to shave every day! My mom says "I'm too young to wax" what is your opinion on this?