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Your baby LOVES carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash? Well, mine did too! But removing those orange stains from their bibs and clothes, your cutting boards, silicon spoons and plastic containers... was not as easy as I thought. You wash them , you soak them in Clorox, you apply every name brand stain remover but the stain doesn't go away, right? I know that feeling...

The solution is so simple you will laugh: our dear SUN! Take the item (dry and clean) outdoors on a sunny day. Set it on anything you want and let it be, under bright sunlight for at least two hours. That's it! Voilà! Even old, stubborn carrot stains will be gone!
It also works well with other stains like tomato, strawberry, papaya, apricots, pumpkin...

Why? Beta carotene is the pigment (phytochemical) that gives many vegetables and fruits their orange/yellow color. This pigment is not water soluble but photo dissipating.

To find out the many benefits of carrots and all about them, go here.
The lack of Vitamin D increases the risk of many diseases. The increase in the incidence of osteoporosis may be related to the increase in the use of sunscreen. For the health benefits of moderate sun exposure, go here.

Aside from easy, this solution is ecological and economical!
(Sunset photo location is Sarasota, FL)

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